The Counseling & Family Wellness Center

Individual, Couple & Family Counseling


The Counseling & Family Wellness Center offers opportunities for a Bachelor and Graduate level Internship.

The Internship site agrees to:

  • Assign a supervisor who has appropriate credentials, time, and interest for training the student.
  • Provide opportunities for the student to engage in a variety of activities concerning the field of counseling.
  • Provide the student with work space, office supplies, and staff to conduct activities.
  • Meet with student and give and receive feedback from the student evaluations, supervisor evaluations, and site evaluations.
  • Inform the University faculty liaison of any concerns or difficulties with the student intern.

The Internship Student agrees with following duties:

  • Clerical task: file, schedule, and phone reception.
  • Shadowing individual, couple, or family sessions with supervisor.
  • Individual Intervention to assigned clients (Graduate level only)
  • Participating in psycho-educational activities.
  • Participating in marketing tasks.

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