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The Counseling & Family Wellness Center

Individual, Couple & Family Counseling

Adriana Rueda-Barrera, MS, NCC, LMHC

Adriana Rueda-Barrera has extensive experience in working to create and promote programs to overcome mental health issues. She worked during 15 years in Colombia designing, planning, and executing recovery programs for clients with severe mental problems. She developed several investigations in the area of promoting and prevention in order to reach and help communities in risk. 

During her time at USA, she has continued her journey focused her practice on promoting and developing wellness programs. She worked as an Intern fellow at the Center for Drug Free Living and has continue growing her private practice concentrated on helping clients with mental issues: anxiety disorders, depression, trauma [PTSD], substance abuse, and sexual abuse. During the last two years she ventured to help couples in trouble, and her experience has demonstrated good outcomes. She will continue growing in this field knowing that stability in couple will help to create healthy families.

“I see myself as a counselor for wellness in which the main purpose is to promote mental health. For the theoretical point of view, my practice is being framed by Adlerian and Existential approaches, assuming counseling as a process that addresses awareness of mission and purpose in the client’s life. From my perspective, working in the counseling field entails facilitating and helping clients to find purpose and meaning in their life. The frame of reference that I have as a guide involves my assisting clients in making commitments to create, love, work, and build a better life, as well as increase awareness of their capacity to make decisions and expand as an individual, even in the most difficult circumstances (following Victor Frankl’s ideas). From my understanding, I have accepted the mission of encouraging clients to move forward in their lives and look for something beyond their personal needs. Hence, my practice in counseling encompasses more than just help clients resolve conflicts or reach equilibrium. It works for developing our humanity.” .